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Taste of City: Food and Place Marketing Conference

The Taste of City Conferences are a series of annual research conference with a focus on understanding the dynamics and role of food play in place branding, city image and marketing. This unique event aims to bring together researchers, scholars and practitioners as well as policy makers to explore the ways in which food is influencing what cities are made up. Hence it touches upon marketing, branding, human mobility, internationalisation strategies, protectionism from a very wide multidisciplinary perspective.
We are inviting all interested academics, students, managers and marketers to this event for exchanging ideas to understand the impact and role of food and to develop appropriate strategies for cities and places in an ever more connected world.

  • 3rd Taste of City Conference: Food and Place Marketing

    October 4, 2018 – October 5, 2018

    The 3rd Taste of City: Food and Place Marketing Conference will be hosted at Akdeniz University, Antalya Turkey on 4-5 October 2018.

    Please share the call for papers with your colleagues, business partners and students.

  • 2nd Taste of City Conference 2017: Food and Place Marketing

    August 26, 2017 – August 27, 2017

    The 2nd Taste of City Conference 2017: Food and Place Marketing is a multidisciplinary symposium focusing on the role and impact of food in marketing and branding of places. Food and tastes are transferred and transported along the routes of mobility, tourism and connectedness in the era of fast communications and travel.

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